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DVDU-571:A batalha do atlântico-
LivroU. s. seventh fleet-
LivroU.s. actions for a better environment-
LivroU.s. agricultural policy-
ReferênciaU.S. Army atlas of the European theater in World war II/edited and with an introduction by Donald L. GilmoreGilmore, Donald L.-Editor; -
LivroU.S. Army War College key strategic issues list/[Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute]Army War College (U.S.).Strategic Studies Institute; -
LivroU.S. Coast Guard:a study of its origin, responsibilities, relationsships, and direction. --
LivroU.s. contribuion to the polar experiment:polex : part ii : polex-garp south-
LivroU.s. contribution to the polar experiment:polex : part ii polex-garp north-
LivroU.s. foreign policy and the third world:agenda 1985-86/John williamson swellSwell, John Williamson 1890; -
LivroU.s. foreign policy in asia and the pacific/Edição de edwin j. ferilnerFerilner, Edwin J. Edição De 3380; -
LivroU.s. ground forces and the conventional balance in europe. --
LivroU.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991. Anthology and annotated bibliography:Anthology and annotated bibliography/compiled by Charles D. Melson, Evelyn A. Englander, David A. Dawson.Melson, Charles D.; Englander, Evelyn A.; Dawson, David A.; -
LivroU.s. naval aviation in the pacific. --
LivroU.s. navy-
LivroU.s. navy : vietnam-
NormasU.s. navy die book-
NormasU.s. navy diving manual - air diving-
NormasU.s. navy diving manual - mixed-gas diving-
NormasU.s. navy gun barrels 76mm thru 16-inch informational handbook-