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Título: Environmental transport studies of components of an insensitive high explosive formulation in soil/Priscila Simões Teixeira Amaral Paula
Orientador(es): Temple, Tracey Orientador
Mai, Nathalie Orientador
Ladyman, Melissa Orientador
Autor(es): Paula, Priscila Simões Teixeira Amaral
Palavras-chave: 600
Transporte ambiental
Data do documento: 2018
Descrição: Dissertação (mestrado) - Cranfield University, England, 2018.
Inclui referências.
The use of explosives is likely to contaminate soil and groundwater during military training. New insensitive explosive formulations including Insensitive High Explosives (IHEs) are being brought into service as replacements for conventional explosives with the aim to increase safety in handling, transportation and use . Studies on transport of those new formulations are needed since their impact and possible damages to the environment are not well understood. Evaluation on transport through two UK soil types including sand and loam soil was carried out in six vertical s oil columns which were artificially contaminated with Insensitive High Explosive (IHE) formulation containing 3 - nitro - 1,2,4 - triazol - 5 - one (NTO), 2,4 dinitroanisole (DNAN) and 1,3,5 - t rinitro - 1,3,5 - triazinane (RDX) . The columns were watered for six consecutive weeks and t he watering regime was equivalent to the average yearly in England Southwest and South Wales rainfall.
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