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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Improved uuv positioning using acoustic communications and a potential for real-time networking and collaborationVio, Renato PeresmasterThesis
2020Particle motion measurements near a rocky shore off Cabo Frio IslandJesus, Sérgio M.; Xavier, Fabio Contrera; Vio, Renato Peres; Osowsky, Jefferson; Simões, Marcus Vinicius; Fagundes Netto, Eduardo BarrosjournalArticle
2019The influence of light in rocky shore bioacoustic signature off Cabo Frio IslandSilveira, Nilce Gomes; Xavier, Fabio Contrera; Vio, Renato Peres; Coutinho, Ricardo; Biofouling, Benthic Ecology and Marine Biotechnology Meeting, 013., 2019, Arraial do Cabo (RJ)journalArticle
2019The influence of upwelling in underwater communication off Cabo Frio islandMaia, Lussac Prestes; Xavier, Fabio Contrera; Osowsky, Jefferson; Vio, Renato Peres; Jesus, Sérgio M.; Underwater Acoustics Conference & Exhibition (005.:2019:Greece)journalArticle