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Title: Researching the business management strategies Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC and its application to improve performance in service area at Fleet and Industrial: Supply Center San Diego
Authors: Fernandes Lima, Thiago
Keywords: Administração da produção
Controle de produção
Engenharia e planejamento da produção
Gestão da produção
Six sigma (Quality control standard)
Issue Date: 2011
Description: School of Business Management National University - Dr. Lawrence Arillo, Dr. Richard Weaver, Dr. John Ferguson. The purpose of this dissertation is the application of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) business management strategy, based on the utilization of DMAIC me thodology, at the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego (FISCSD), in order to a nalyze and demonstrate the degree that such theories can be useful to improve performance in service areas. LSS is a framework officially adopt by the Departme nt of Defense (DoD) under the Program Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), however, since the implementation of LSS within the Department of Navy, such methodology has been m ostly used to improve major manufacturing processes There is a strong impression within the FISCSD, or even within the United States Navy, that LSS is not applicable in services setting, thus , this research is aimed at demonstrating the benefits that can be obtained through a greate r utilization of CPI in service. The specific service area studied was the Purcha se Division and its main process. During the project were collected data about key elements of the process. The analysis of aspects like cycle time, value added time, process cycle efficiency, process flow, etc suggested the implementation of the following improvements: creation of visual management environment, establishment of a routine, creation of new processing procedures, execution of trainings and process remodeling, which generated concrete improvements in process cycle time, on the level of standardization of procedures and on the level of process variation.
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URI: https://www.repositorio.mar.mil.br/handle/ripcmb/30089
Type: Master thesis
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