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Título: Is the 21st Century the end of the Aircraft Carrier Era?
Orientador(es): Robb-Webb, John
Autor(es): Sochaczewski, André Gabriel
Palavras-chave: T - DEFESA NACIONAL (DGPM-305)
Data do documento: 2016
Editor: Joint Services Command and Staff College
Descrição: Defence research paper - Advanced Command and Staff Course (mestrado) - Joint Services Command and Staff College, Reino Unido, 2016.
Abstract: The paper discusses the relationship between aircraft carrier’s significance for world’s nations and its existential threat s by excessive costs and new technologies available in this century . It examines this issue using the methodology of an applied research essentially based on a literature review, establishing an explanatory research through a mixed methods approach as a mod e of enquiry. It concludes a new less costly generation of carriers will be able to preserve the majority of nations’ interests. Whilst, the US will continue to project power with its supercarriers until the end of this century, in a transition for the rob otic age, as well as the same “cheaper” car riers as other nations for further operations.
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