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Title: Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations Concept: Its Application by the Brazilian Marine Corps
Authors: Luterman, daniel de Campos
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Kelley, Stephen
Keywords: Expeditionary Advanced Bases Operations (EABO)
Blue Amazon
Brazilian Marine Corps
DGPM knowledge areas: Estudos Militares
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Marine Corps University (MCU)
Description: Dissertação de mestrado aprovada na Marine Corps University (MCU), durante o Command Staff College
Abstract: The Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations concept has represented a paradigm shift for the United States Marine Corps by prioritizing this type of operation over amphibious operations. This concept primarily aims to improve the US Marines' capabilities to counter China's A2/AD assets, which threaten US national interests in the Indo-Pacific region by, among other things, limiting freedom of navigation. Although in a different strategic environment than the United States, the sea is also relevant for Brazil. More than 90% of Brazilian international trade occurs by sea. The same percentage represents the proportion of offshore oil concerning the total Brazilian reserves. Moreover, the country's interest in its strategic environment, which includes the South Atlantic and the West African coast, increases the importance of the sea to Brazil. In this sense, the analysis of the applicability of the Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations concept by the Brazilian Marine Corps results in the finding of the concept's usefulness. In light of this, this paper identifies doctrinal, organizational, and material capability changes required for the Brazilian Marine Corps to implement such a concept. Thus the doctrine of the Brazilian naval forces should contemplate in a more detailed way the littoral operations, expand the contribution of the Brazilian Marine Corps in obtaining sea control, and not consider only the amphibious operations as the structuring operation of the Brazilian Marines. Regarding organization, the Brazilian Marine Corps should create Battalions for littoral operations to contribute to the sea control task both in the Blue Amazon and in the Brazilian strategic environment. Finally, the Brazilian Navy should divest in specific material capabilities, such as policing materials and wheeled armored vehicles, and invest in new capabilities like long-range missiles and medium and low-range air defense assets
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URI: http://www.repositorio.mar.mil.br/handle/ripcmb/845381
Type: Master thesis
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