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Title: GPU-based 3D eigenray search for underwater acoustic predictions
metadata.dc.contributor: Rodríguez, Orlando Camargo.
Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal (2018Lisboa)
Authors: Calazan, Rogério de Moraes
Rodríguez, Orlando Camargo
Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal (2018Lisboa)
DGPM knowledge areas: Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação
Acústica submarina
Issue Date: 2018
Description: Inclui bibliografia
Eigenrays can be defined as particular rays that for a given waveguide geometry connect the source to the receiver. The accurate calculation of eigenrays is a problem of great interest in underwater acoustics because they can be used for faithful predicti.
Access: Open access
URI: http://www.redebim.dphdm.mar.mil.br/vinculos/00001c/00001c2c.pdf
Type: Journal article
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