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Title: Transients in the Operation of a Small Modular Reactor
Authors: Brito Junior, Eduardo Roberto Rodrigues de
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Neubauer, Boris
Langer, Christoph
Keywords: Small modular reactors (SMRs)
iPWR simulator
SMR transients
Reator Nuclear
Issue Date: Aug-2021
Abstract: There is a significant worldwide effort to limit global warming. Among the main sectors that have contributed to the warming is the energy sector. In that sense, means of generating energy with low emissions of GHGs have been sought. The use of renewables power such as solar and wind has been steadily increasing. However, only nuclear power and hydropower can generate electricity continuously and reliably and are the only options with low emission of GHGs capable of replacing the power produced by fossil fuels. Therefore, NPPs can be essential allies in combating the emission of GHGs and then reducing global warming to the desired level. Although the new designs of NPPs have sought to reduce costs and construction time, these plants continue to be huge facilities and still costly. At the same time that the design of high- power NPPs has evolved, there have also been advances in small-power plants. In the wake of cost reduction and increasing safety, the SMRs appeared. The term SMRs refers to reactors with modular manufacture and with power generation in the range between 25 MWe to 300 MWe. Thus, SMRs provide low carbon energy as large NPPs but with more flexibility and affordability. Due to its importance, this work discusses the new designs of NPPs, focusing on PWR SMRs. Additionally, the use of a PC-based SMR simulator to study transients originated in normal operation conditions and in accident conditions of NPPs is demostrated.
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URI: http://www.repositorio.mar.mil.br/handle/ripcmb/844827
Type: Master thesis
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