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Title: Room temperature TlBr detector
Authors: Azevedo, Luiz Flavio Dias Da Costa
Keywords: engenharia nuclear
gamma detector
room temperature
DGPM knowledge areas: Engenharia nuclear
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: University of Michigan
Description: This report intends to present in a concise way the register of the project taken as a dedicated study (NERS 799) by the student Luiz Flavio Dias da Costa Azevedo (UMID 09339829), master student in the Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science (NERS) department. The study and experimental tests were performed at the Knoll Laboratory (NEL 3rd floor) under advisor and instruction of Dr. Zhong He.
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URI: https://www.repositorio.mar.mil.br/handle/ripcmb/846586
Type: Report
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